An Angel's Story

Excerpt from Max Lucado’s An Angel’s Story:

In this passage from a charming little Christmas book, Lucado imagines the nativity scene from an angel’s perspective:

“All of God was in the infant. Light encircled his face and radiated from his tiny hands. The very glory I had witnessed in the throne room now burst through his skin. I felt we should sing, but did not know what. We had no song. We had no verse. We had never seen the sight of God in a baby.

…Finally Michael began to sing, ‘Glory, glory, glory to God in the highest.’

And one by one we joined in, ‘Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the highest.’

And all of nature joined with us as we worshiped Immanuel, the God who had become flesh.” 


This week we are looking closely at the main characters of the Nativity story. Today we continue with the angels, messengers of God.


Some of the most pivotal players in the Christmas story are angels, messengers from God. Matthew tells us that an angel brought the announcement of the upcoming birth to Joseph. Luke tells us an angel informed Zechariah about the birth of John the Baptist, the same angel visited Mary to tell her of the upcoming birth of Jesus, and a host of angels brought the birth announcement to the shepherds.


Angels were created by God and not meant to be worshiped. They, like all other creatures, are to serve the purposes of God, always leading us to worship God alone. Contrary to what we might think, angels did not appear in the biblical narrative on a regular basis. In the text, they appear before God’s people when they were needed to announce something important. Most of the time, angels appear in the text to announce a new part of the salvation story.


The angels in the nativity story bring the most important news of all - the birth of the Savior. God’s messengers announce salvation, the breaking in of the very reign of God. Christ the Savior is born! Today, as we approach Christmas, we join the angels in singing of peace, goodwill to all. We give thanks for Immanuel, the God who became flesh. 


God, change my heart to be one of generosity, humility, grace and mercy. Show me how to love at all times, give freely, humble myself before others and submit myself to you. Thank you for the righteousness and faith of the angels. Thank you for the gift of a savior in Jesus. May I live each day in such a way to honor that gift. Amen.